#MyEscape ist a Berlin Producers production in co-operation with Deutsche Welle and WDR

Team form left to right

Ghafar Faizyar (Research & Interviews Syria), Arefayne Hagos (Research & Interviews Eritrea), Janine Dauterich (Editor),

Luisa Dahringer (Research), Sarah Stinshoff (Research), Marcus Zahn (Music & Sound Design/ Data Wrangler & Editing Assistant),

Sophie Elmenthaler (Research), Tobias Pleban (Post-Production Assistan/ Photo & Picture Processing),

Rama Jarmakani (Research & Interviews Syria), Elke Sasse (Director), Lina Schuller (Additional Research & Translation),

Julia Jasjunas (Social Media Management)

Elke Sasse – Director 

Her bildschirmfoto-2016-11-07-um-11-50-44films centre on people from all walks of life: refugees living in Germany, East Germans who moved to the West, children who battle with dyscalculia and dyslexia. She takes to the road with bin men and septic pipe cleaners, ethic Germans from Russia stranded in Eastern Europe, refugees and contract workers. Her films have documented the everyday lives of garlic growers in China, Berbers in East Germany, wedding musicians in New York and dancing senior citizens in Berlin. She has entered the world of the mentally ill, reconstructed the stories of former forced labourers, and tried to understand our general sympathy for gangers and other scoundrels.

Stefan Pannen – Producer

bildschirmfoto-2016-11-07-um-11-53-15STEFAN PANNEN began his career at the German School for Journalism. After the fall of the wall he worked as a free lancer for the newly founded ORB and other broadcasters in Germany. In 1995 he founded his first production company.

He is award winning director of over 100 documentaries and executive producer of more than 500 films. He is a member of the German and European Film Academy.

Janine Dauterich – Editor

Freelance Editor // Studied Montage at the University of Film and Television »Konrad Wolf« Potsdam Babelsberg // Works as in-house editor for advertising at a post-production company // Editing internships for TV and Industry films


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